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We provide continuous power systems to support critical applications such as data centers, telecommunications, medical equipment, industrial and commercial systems. The portfolio of products we offer includes:  

  1. Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) in all capacities and topologies. 

  2. Direct current power systems 

  3. Power distribution units (PDU's), 

  4. Static transfer systems (STS).

Environet Alert

We provide technology for continuous monitoring and control of the infrastructure systems that we install, guaranteeing total visibility to users in terms of availability, change control, event history, updating and control of systems remotely and in real time. .  

Within the portfolio that we offer, we have discrete devices for measuring temperature, humidity, liquid spills, open and closed contacts, among others.


As part of the solutions we offer we have a wide range of Racks and its accessories for Data Centers, as well as Pre-Manufactured Modular solutions prepared with all the elements of energy, distribution, air conditioning and control, in all capacities.

liebert ds

We are specialists in air conditioning systems for critical applications, and we have precision air conditioning systems that guarantee the proper functioning of technology equipment.


We offer systems in all capacities and configurations, with leading brands in the market. Within the portfolio offered we have discrete devices for measuring temperature, relative humidity, liquid detection, smoke detection, among others.

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We are providers of backup systems and electrical protection that guarantee efficient energy continuity.

Among the products we offer we have:

  1. Electric generators.

  2. Surge Suppressors and Voltage Regulators.

  3. Electrical Panels

  4. Automatic Transfer Systems.

  5. Investors 

  6. Batteries

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