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Post-Sale Services

Between 20 and 30% of the origin of failures in data centers are

because of problems in hardware, software and telecommunications due to lack of continuous maintenance.

Research by the technology consultancy  Gartner (2011)


A data center is a technical infrastructure with precision equipment that must operate 24/7 and requires comprehensive maintenance to ensure its proper functioning, avoid interruptions in service and the obvious economic losses that this entails. It is a fundamental procedure that reduces costs and risks.


Vitaltech offers preventive and corrective maintenance contracts, becoming an ally that will provide you with a variety of integration solutions to perform specialized maintenance on UPS and precision air and data center with qualified personnel.


All equipment that supports mission-critical applications must always work at the highest levels of efficiency and reliability, to guarantee this, a periodic review of the entire system is required. The Preventive Maintenance to the equipment is what guarantees the optimal operation, and prevents, as its name implies, unplanned stops.  

At VITATECH we offer Preventive Maintenance Services for Continuous Power Systems (AC and DC), Power Distribution Systems, Precision Air Conditioners, Batteries, Emergency Generators, Environmental Management and Monitoring Systems, among others. We make sure we have technicians trained by the manufacturers and that we follow all the security protocols that ensure the delivery of an effective service.


All equipment is susceptible to failure, either due to improper use, human errors during operation, external causes, lack of preventive maintenance, among others. That is why the importance of having Trained Technical Personnel, who can execute corrective maintenance that returns the damaged equipment to its optimum point of operation, efficiency and reliability, safely.


At VITALTECH we have Trained Technicians, with 24 x 7 availability, tools and safety equipment, which guarantee optimal corrective maintenance. In addition to this we have a Critical Parts warehouse for replacement.


Maintenance Contracts or Extended Warranty are services through which we take care of the life cycle of the equipment during the contracted period of time.


With a Maintenance Contract, clients leave in our hands the programming and execution of the Periodic Preventive Maintenance, as well as the Emergency Corrective Maintenance that occurs, guaranteeing a quick response according to the agreed SLAs (Service Level Agreement). These Maintenance Contracts can be tailored to the customer's needs, depending on the level of criticality of the applications that are supported.


At Vitaltech we offer "Turnkey" Electromechanical Installation services. Through this service we install any of the equipment we provide, complying with the manufacturer's requirements and local and international engineering standards.


Through this service we make a complete evaluation of all the systems and subsystems of a data center or facility in general, in order to reduce operational risks, increase the efficiency and resilience of the systems. 

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