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Electrical Distribution for Racks

The rack power distribution industry offers standard solutions that meet the needs of many of its users, yet they do not work for all applications. Rack PDUs should and can be customized at the time of purchase; For this reason, we make solutions with units adapted to each particular case available to our clients.

Customers can get exactly what they want by specifying every detail, from product color to exact dimensions and current outlet quantities. Our dedicated team of engineers and sales assistants will help you design exactly the rack PDU you want, when you want it. This is possible as Geist, a brand of our partner Vertiv, who have transformed the way rack PDUs are designed and manufactured to reduce the time it takes to customize them, by reducing lead times from months to days or weeks. .

Remember that the construction of a data center is a project governed by several regulations due to its importance and impact within a company.

Our Vitaltech team can advise you on this, and offer you complete solutions for any type of project!

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